Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sterling Prize, Silverdocs!!!

It's been a hectic coast hopping week. We flew to Silverdocs to reunite with all the wonderful doc folks from previous festivals. After receiving a warm welcome and being astounded at the quality films and filmmakers in the program, we flew to LA for our premiere. Once again, we were give the warmest welcome by the festival (during the filmmaker retreat and afterwards) and
again floored by the diversity of the films and filmmakers in the fest. After our premiere and party, we went to bed around 3AM woke at 4, and climbed back on a plane to Silverdocs. Our plane was late. Our cab was slow. We arrived 15 mins before the awards ceremony and made it just in time. 20 mins later we found that we'd won the Sterling US feature prize. The pictures floating around the internet (yikes) can attest to the state of shock we were in. The jurors were Cian Smyth, David Kwok, and Margaret Brown – that October Country received the prize, and more so such deep consideration from this respected and talented group still has us reeling. Thanks again, again, again, to Sky Sitney and everyone who has given us love and support so far.
(However, all y'all who knew we'd won and hid it so well - we'll never trust you again!)

Family Update:

Since the announcement, my family have been following the reviews. They are all a little astounded that people are taking an interest in their lives, though my mother did say over the phone, " ...sometimes disfunction functions." Desi recently told me
that "According to the reviews, I'm the one who will make it out." (look out world when that happens) Daneal is doing well, keeping stable and has a blog about her life as a young mother:
Chris is doing on-line college courses and trying to find a job, despite his jail record.

All together, everything is stable and better than it has been in a long time.